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Trademark protection of a company assumes that these are filed.It is only a first step. Let's remind that in France and in a many other countries, the Administration doesn't check the availability of the signs registered as trademarks. Several identical or very close brands can therefore be recorded without their owners knowing about it.


To defend themselves against possible theft and to detect any time with it is strongly recommended that owners do survey their brands.


Risk, in the absence of surveying are many:

• Loss of the opportunity to object

This procedure is indeed locked in a strict and relatively short time. For example, this period is two months in France, and three months at the community level from the publication of the second mark. After this time, the unopposed mark may be registered. The opposition is a purely administrative procedure and the cost is low compared to legal action for rescission or counterfeiting. It is therefore a quick and easy way to prevent the registration of identical or similar marks.

• Loss of the ability to act in infringement or revocation of the disputed if you can tolerate them for at least five years .

• Weakening of the protection afforded by your marks by recording marks around creating a blur around your titles.

Surveying your brand represents a real strategic and financial issue for your business.

Do not hesitate to ask for our implementation of this service, the cost, which varies from country surveillance is quickly recouped by the benefits it provides!