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Involved, the possible misappropriation of intellectual property and plans sailboat.


Technical stopover in La Ciotat, the polar yacht adventurer Mike Horn has been a conservatory seizure May 13, at the request of two French naval architects, Luc Bouvet and Olivier Petit, according to an order of the President Commercial Court of Marseille.


The ship, which value is estimated at € 10 million, has since been detained pending a court decision.


This procedure, exceptional is the result of a dispute between the two since 2008 French naval architects to Mike Horn, and which relate to the plans of the boat.


Specialists including shipping yachts, architects accuse Mike Horn misappropriating authorship plans Pangaea built in Brazil.


At the genesis of Pangaea, the French firm had submitted a detailed preliminary and given the name of the Brazilian site to Mike Horn, who reported not having a big budget for a construction project in France.


This case will be tried in the coming months by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris.