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On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country which is of great interest to French companies, provided, however, that it protects its industrial property rights.
SMISSAERT accompanies its clients during their development in this country by carrying out the necessary formalities for the registration of their rights.
Whether you make all or part of your products on the spot or whether China is only one of your markets or you do not have a relationship with that country, protecting your brands, models and patents must appear to be obvious .
How do you do if the products you have made in Shenzhen are blocked at the border because a third party will have registered your trademark before you?
How to produce, with your local partner, proof of your right on a model if you have not deposited it, and on time!
Without deposit, trade relations can be greatly complicated or even simply impossible!
This newsletter is also an opportunity to wish you, in extremis, a beautiful year 2017 and new horizons, and why not in China?
This article is illustrated with a work for which we received the kind permission of Mrs. JJ DALIBARD,,
Reproduction prohibited, all rights reserved.
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