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Want to register a trademark?


Wondering how to register a trademark?

The Cabinet SMISSAERT accompanies you throughout the process and advise you in the management of this brand.

A trademark is a distinctive sign (name, logo, color scheme, its slogan ...) used to identify the products and / or services of a company.

How can Cabinet SMISSAERT help you in registering a trademark?


customized and adapted to your strategy advice.


industrial assessment to cover more of all of the activity targeting your deposits as a territorial point of view of the accuracy of the labels of products and services.


counsel in connection with the business strategy related to the holding of a brand that is an asset of the company and recoverable negotiable.

Search, check availability, place, manage through contracts and monitoring the Cabinet SMISSAERT is with you every step.

Want to file a patent ?

The patent is used to protect an invention for a specified duration on a given territory. It is dedicated to the protection of technological innovations.

An invention is a technical solution to the drawbacks of the existing. You work in an industry and find that such a method and such a product could be improved. You may be an inventor without knowing it !

However, attention:

1) The invention must be new and must not have been available to the public before the patent filing .If you have to work before filing with subcontractors, don't forget to get a confidentiality agreement  signed, for which we can also assist you.

2) The invention must involve an "inventive" activity which means it should not be obvious.

3) The invention must be capable of industrial applications which means it must be reproduced in the industry.

The patent is a way to protect your inventions, it is not the only one. We can discuss of the best strategy.

The engineers writers have the concern(marigold) to draft as closely as possible to your invention, but also of your interests and preserve the balance of a protection neither too narrow, nor too wide.

Want to file a design ?

Want to submit a design?

A registered design is a way to protect the external aesthetic form of a product, for a period of time (25 years) and in a given territory.

Attention, are only protectable aesthetically new forms. Technical forms, ergonomic for example, are not protectable by model.

Model or patent you have to must choose and not file inappropriately and in the wrong order. It would be a shame to jeopardize a potential patent because of a model filed too soon!

The Cabinet  SMISSAERT valid with you the possibility to protect your product with a model and guides you through the procedures available in France and in Europe ...

Once good adviced, you can fly to other imperatives: sell your products!


Published: 01/31/2017
On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country
Published: 01/31/2017
  The filing of a model in China is necessarily a national deposit that can last up to ten


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