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Beyond the knowledge of the technical, legal rigor and compliance with administrative procedures for filing and monitoring, protection and development of intellectual property often are part of a strategy including the development and implementation require knowledge and judgment.


This is why we consider it an integral part of our mission board provide you with any information and even training to inform your judgment when it comes time for us to present alternatives and make and recommendations for you to make choices.


This taste for transparency and partnership moves us to offer you to spend a little time to know one another and learn more about some aspects of our business throughout our collaboration.


On our side, a good understanding of your business, its environment, its projects allows us to understand and even anticipate your needs intellectual property.


This will require each of us a little effort, but you will see: exchange is interesting and it is worth it!


Published: 01/31/2017
On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country
Published: 01/31/2017
  The filing of a model in China is necessarily a national deposit that can last up to ten


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