• I come back from an exhibition, I sold some copies, I see that my product pleases, I would not want that the competitors copy me. How may I protect myself?
    If you intend to apply for a patent, it is already too late because the invention must be new of absolute novelty. This means that any disclosure including of your fact of the invention before its deposit destroys the novelty and forbids its protection by paten.
    You can protect on the other hand your products by model or register a trademark because in these last two cases, the novelty is not required.


  • If I change a detail of the product of my competitor, can he attack me?
    Regarding models: everything depends on the risk of confusion between the products and on the impression  returned by each of them. It is very obvious that the fact of changing a detail could not exempt you from the grievance of imitation. In every case it is advisable in fact to examine products in presence. For example, the wooden reproduction of a product initially made in plastic does not exclude the imitation since both products produce the same effect, the same impression and can be confused. Everything also depends on the nature of the common points between products: a car will always have four wheels and a steering wheel but is going to distinguish itself from its competitors by a line which has nothing to do with its function.
  • How may I survey what my competitors protect?
    By the implementation of a supervision on the product or on the brand or directly on the name of one or several competitors whom you suspect of wanting to imitate. You will then be informed about their deposits and can react quickly.


  • I found a partner to make and sell my patented product, how do I have to take myself there and for which remuneration I may ask?
    By means of a license, that is an authorization to use the invention object of your patent. It cans concern only certain products, certain markets, be exclusive or not, combined with a communication of know-how or not. The price can be a fixed price, a fixed price and a proportional rate, a proportional rate alone, fixed or evolutionary


Published: 01/31/2017
On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country
Published: 01/31/2017
  The filing of a model in China is necessarily a national deposit that can last up to ten


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