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A local presence backed by a network of skills, key of the advice for every situation

The Cabinet SMISSAERT is an intellectual proprerty agent member of the CNCPI which is the French Institute of Patent & Trademark Attorneys. It was created in La Rochelle and Bordeaux fifteen years ago by Sophie SMISSAERT.

It is an independent firm, well  territorially established and not  dependent of a Parisian firm or other .

The SMISSAERT's clients are monitored individually by a same person who accompanies them throughout their records over the years of our collaboration. The files are framed and deepened by a single contact who knows the firm's business.

Customers benefit from proximity to favor a quick and direct contact, often crucial to safeguard their interests.

The firm is authorized by the various intellectual property offices, it is competent to advise, assist and represent clients in obtaining, maintaining, operating and defending its industrial property rights in France and abroad. Indeed, through its network of fifty correspondents located around the world, the Cabinet SMISSAERT can assist clients in almost all countries.

Prior art searches, applications, monitoring, contracts, defense of your rights, including abroad: our work boots early in the decision-making process and supports the customer throughout the life of its products or services .

The firm works in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industries of the region but also with organizations representing professional (business clubs, unions ..)

We move into our client's firms and associate a proximity approach to SME-friendly pricing policy -. SMI Our operations are carried out on quotes.

The companies that use our services belong to various industries: food, medical, publishing, toys, furniture, clothing, cosmetics, boating, software, telecommunications ...

We have a network of technical staff (for specific patents) and legal (specialized lawyers able to represent you in case of lawsuits).


Published: 01/31/2017
On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country
Published: 01/31/2017
  The filing of a model in China is necessarily a national deposit that can last up to ten


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