Together let's protect your intellectual asset

A network of skills, the key of an advice adapted to every situation.

Intellectual Property is a strategic weapon leading


The use of intellectual property increases.

It is a major issue in the business world today and probably even more  tomorrow.

The intangible and the ability to optimize its development are identified by an increasing number of leaders and investors as the main key to the economic future. This trend is reflected in the increasing use of deposits of industrial property rights and an emphasis on litigation.

At each step, the Cabinet SMISSAERT  is on your side.

A regulated and specialized advice to support your development.

The firm has always capitalized on its regional presence, both in Bordeaux and La Rochelle, headquarter of the company. Sophie SMISSAERT is also the regional representative of her professional order, the CNCPI.

This geographical location has naturally resulted a certain proximity with customers we know the officials and local partners.

For each company, thoughts are individualized and tailored solutions all based on both their expectations and our force proposal, the objective being to build a strategy on industrial property measurement


Published: 01/31/2017
On the occasion of this new year, we are making an update on industrial property in China, a country
Published: 01/31/2017
  The filing of a model in China is necessarily a national deposit that can last up to ten


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Industrial Property

Our range of services is  diverse, reflecting the nature of our clients. Our job consists in, thanks to our advices and services, to transform the creation into a monopoly right.


Industrial property, including trademarks, patents, models, is a leading strategic tool for businesses and managers.


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Literary & Artistic Property

The information technology and communication give a new dimension to the problem of copyright infringement. Software protection, writings, images also come under this broad category.


Literary and artistic property is not just about the authors in the first sense.


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Customer Proximity

Beyond the knowledge of the technical, legal rigor and compliance with administrative procedures for filing and monitoring, protection and development of intellectual property often are part of a strategy including the development and implementation require knowledge and judgment.


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