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Currently, file a Community trade mark in a three-class assumes the payment of 900 taxes for ten years. Repeat the same brand assumes the resolution of 1350 euros taxes.

As of March 23, 2016, changes in taxes, which are always paid by ten years will be as follows:

Deposit € 850 in Class 1
Deposit € 900 in 2 classes
Deposit € 1,050 in 3 classes
Deposit € 1,200 in 4 classes

Renewal in Class 1 € 850
Renewal in two classes € 900
Renewal in 3 classes € 1,050
Renewal in 4 classes € 1,200

It may therefore be advantageous to file before March 23, 2016 and renew, when possible, after this date!

We remain at your disposal for any questions about it.

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